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"Pinus ponderosa" 

These native Colorado burls emanated from the San Juan Mountains, at an altitude of 9500'+, somewhat higher than their normal growth range. Which probably explains the plethora of burls per tree.

These regional beauties display the unusual variegated grains and colorations, typically found in most burls.

 They are available in a variety of sizes ranging from small burl caps, about 3", to large sizes in excess of 12" in diameter.




 4/4 Brown Ash

"Fraxinus americana"

S2S to 13/16"

These Americam beauties arrived w/ excellent variegated color, ranging from a mild cream color to dark browns. Known for its intrinsic strength and hardness Ash is commonly used in sports equipment, and in any application requiring steam bending.

4/4 Hickory

"Carya ovata"

S2S to 13/16"

Similar in coloration to the Brown Ash, with the heartwood being dark brown to reddish brown, with cream colored outer sapwood. The combination of hardness and strength in Hickory make it an excellent choice for tool handles. It is also widely used today for custom cabinets and furniture.


In a variety of species and sizes, to include:

4/4 Aromatic Cedar

8/4 Walnut

8/4 Siberian Elm Burl

8/4 Silver Maple

8/4 White Oak

8/4 American Elm

Stop by to see these American Beauties while the inventory is at its best!


 Thin Lumber Cut-offs

We have recently acquired a large quantity of 1/4" and under OAK and MAPLE thin cut-offs. These small pieces are ideally suited to SCROLL SAW and ITARSIA projects. They also would make excellent toe-kicks for cabinet bases.

The lengths range from 12" - 60", and are 4.5" wide.

Currently on sale for:

$0.50 per Lineal Foot


Live Edge Lumber Slabs


Aromatic Cedar

Currently we have in stock a number of AROMATIC CEDAR Live Edge Slabs. These boards are planed down to 7/8" and all are 8' long. They would be suitable for accent shelving or other creative uses.



Honey Locust 

We have acquired a pair of these sequentially cut crotch feature slabs that are 2" thick and approximately 72" long by 12" - 18" wide with very nice color and grain.

Black Walnut

We have a variety of these beauties fro 2' to 6' long and widths ranging from 1' to 2' wide


Siberian Elm

These slabs exhibit excellent colr and several have some outstanding burl patterns, in sixzes from3' to 4' Long and up to 18" Wide.


White Oak

There are two of these domestics in stock, both are just under 4' in length and up to 14" wide


Silver Maple

One nice slab of 8/4 stock, just over 72" in length and 16 to 22" wide

Live Edge Slabs - Special Order

Our new supplier has a great selection of these locally harvested, kiln dried beauties available for Mantles, Table Tops, Game Mounts, etc.

If you're looking for something of a particular size and/or species, please stop by to discuss your project.


"Seeking Inspiration?"

With over 60 species of domestic and exotic hardwoods

to choose from, you will be able to create your next masterpiece.

Since 1983 we have been proud to offer an extensive selection of quality woodworking supplies for the professional, at-home enthusiast or beginning woodworker. Our impressive collection of books and plans is destined to stimulate ideas.

Colorado Woodworkers also carries a wide assortment of finishing products, from sandpapers to sealers. Our selection of quality hand tools is as impressive as our array of router bits and blades.

In addition to our traditional woodworking supplies we are pleased to offer a wide range of


*    RESIDENTIAL - On-site for minor repairs

           Or in our shop, for major restorations.

Antique Restorations


*       COMMERCIAL - On-site Furniture Repairs

            Facility Enhancements, to include:

Wooden Doors

Reception Areas

Wall Panels


Elevator Enclosures

Conference Tables



We offer the full range of services in this area to both Civilian and Military personnel.



To arrange an on-site inspection, please call


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Please visit our storefront at:


935 E. Fillmore, COS, CO 80907


Or to schedule an appointment in your Home or Office.

 Please contact us by email:

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Or by phone:


Stop by and visit with our expert staff…you’ll be glad you did!



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